I’m Ezra, I’m 24 and I’m the one behind all this NYMBlog stuff. There are two stories you may want to know about this blog, the short and the long, so here goes.

The Short Story

This blog is focused on bike commuting and bike culture, because I love bikes and bike commuting. I ride my bike to work every day–I ride it when I go out to see friends, to the coffee shop, when I’m picking up beers, and much more. I’m pretty much always riding, or sitting here trying to see what’s new in the world of bicycling and then writing about it.

I want people to know how easy and awesome bike commuting can be.

I’m originally from Brooklyn, and now I live in New Jersey where my family moved me when I was too young to protest. I actually like it here (I know right?), but, I’m looking forward to moving out to the city soon, maybe it’ll be THE CITY (NYC of course), but it may be another. We’ll see, eh?

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The Long Story

Scene 1

I know that not everyone wants to sit here(or there) and read the long version, so that’s why I put them into two different sections. To summarize the short story, it pretty much goes like this: “I like to bike a lot, so I’m writing about it.”

The long story is for those who are really ready to hear about why I’m doing this whole blogging thing and how I came to it. It all started about 2 years ago…

Almost 2 years ago now it was March, it was cold, and I was working as a manager of two of New Jersey’s top restaurants after graduating from Rutgers University. Managing was hard. The hours were long, and I didn’t get to go out and play with my friends. I just ate awesome food all of the time and sold bottles of wine to big-wigs. It was more than that, but we’ll leave it there. As with anything, there were positives and negatives.

I took one week off–I wanted to make it good–so, I went to Spain. That week was truly a revelation. I came back realized that I HAD to travel, quit my job, and travel. So, that’s what I did.

Scene Two

One year later, I had left my job, and I boarded a plain for Dublin, Ireland. I had even thought about making the trip on bike, but I didn’t prepare or know enough, so I settled for just picking up the occasional bike along the way.

I took a bike around the Istrian Peninsula in Croatia, flew pedaled the Currywurst filled streets of Berlin, and through the hilly, wondrous country side in France. Some of the best days on a 7 month trip were spend on my bike. Seeing things from another angle–riding along the oceans edge, and side by side commuters in a German city, and even picking grapes on the road side when you’re tired from the ride in France–I didn’t want that to end. I knew I’d be picking up my bike more when I came home.

Being away taught me a lot. But, even before I had left, the whole reason that I took this darn trip in the first place is because of what I learned before leaving: life isn’t just about work. Balance is key.

Some may say that I’m tipping the scales in the other direction now. All I want to do is be out there on my bike, or traveling, or both. I’m holding up a picket sign, “No more work.” (I’m always working on this blog.) Just kidding, I don’t do that except in my head. The point is that I want to do the things that I enjoy more often, and expand my freedom.

Scene 3

That’s why now, I’m working towards this goal of freedom in more than one way. Of course, I have a job, but I’m just serving tables at a restaurant(a great restaurant) in New Jersey, and forming a schedule there that works for me. No more weekends. Money isn’t everything, I like to have my weekends free.

I met some amazing, interesting, and successful people on my trip, read some inspiring books and stared blankly at art I didn’t quite understand. And in the end, I was inspired to create something when I returned. Work on something for myself, in hopes that I’ll learn something new, and continue to feel that “I’m doing something awesome!” feeling every day.

I wanted it to be about something that I loved and wanted other people to love too, and that’s why I’m working every day on opening an online store for bike commuters while writing this blog. Just a simple store to help bicycle commuters get their things from one place to another. Bicycle bags mostly. Other things too, but who knows, it’s going to evolve each day just as NYMBlog does. I’m working with people who make handmade bike products, other people with passion for biking and urban bike commuting.

That’s why I’m writing NYMBlog, to play a more active role in the bicycling community, and to work hard towards my goals–to inspire others to pick up the bike instead of driving their car.


I think this long version of the story is officially long enough, so I hope that you’ll follow the blog, check us on on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and maybe even Pinterest if you like. But, definitely follow along.

Lets talk about biking…and stuff.