Hello, I’m in Delaware.

You’re probably wondering why I’m in Delaware. Or maybe you’re not.

But the truth is that I’m not in Delaware, that’s just the title of one of my favorite City and Colour songs, and I happen to be in Dallas Green’s(of City and Colour) native land.

They call it Canada, ever heard of it?

Why am I in Canada?

Ill tell you why.

For those of you who have read my about me, you know that I’m a bit of a traveler. I love to travel, see new things, be in new places, and just have new experiences. Although Canada is not so far away, a friend of mine invited me to do a trip with him across his country and come back across mine–I thought this was a good idea.

So, here I am in Montreal and everything is just dandy so far. Tomorrow I leave for Ottawa and we’ll see if the dandy trend continues.

What can you expect from the blog?

I do have my laptop with me, and my camera. That means you can certainly expect some updates. You might just get to hear about a day of biking around Vancouver, or my thoughts on how Winnipeg approaches bicycling.

I may not get as much time to spend writing as I’d like, and I fear that I may not even have access to WIFI at all times. This is most certainly the number one scariest part of this trip. NO WIFI!

I’m scared just thinking about it.

Ill be continuing to keep everyone updated the same as usual on Twitter and Facebook, and you can find pictures of bikes, and bicyclists, and the occasional coffee or lake on our Instagram.

I hope you’ll follow along and we can see how our Northern neighbors do things.

What to expect from NYMB.co

Business as usual.

I’m on the road, but our company which sells ridiculously sexy, super awesome, incredible, stylish, functional, waterproof, and handmade bike gear is still running strong.

Yeah I said it. Ridiculously sexy.

My partner in crime will be taking care of all of your orders and shipping them out at lightening speeds(and often free).

Thank you to my crime partner for doing that while I’m seeing things in this land far, far away.

What should I see/do in Canada?

Do you have any suggestions for what I should do while in gone?

I very open to suggestions and would love any cool biking related ideas! And I love food too…

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